In Final Fantasy VIII, Bahamut appears in another optional late-game location, the Deep Sea research Center. Any thing I can do to fix it? When you beat him, answer the voice's question with "no" to fight the next dragon. If you give wrong answers by the way, you will have to fight the dragons again. HP as boss:90,000. I need some tips on how to defeat Ultima Weapon. Question for Final Fantasy 8. There is suppose to be a piece of debris that allows me to climb down so I can eventually fight Ultima Weapon and get the GF Eden. When you beat this one too and the voice asks you again, answer with the hidden answer at the bottom- and you will fight Bahamut. How???? Anyone else have this problem? This sounds like a sneaky move but Diablos was made vulnerable to Blind magic for a reason. Dark Bahamut resides in the same area where you can get the Sun Crest for Tidus' Celestial weapon. I beat Bahamut and it brought me to the new screen with the hole in the gorund. Blind him. It will be a waste Aftre the .., Final Fantasy VIII PlayStation First don't get to the deep sea research center during disc 3. As with the other level 8 summons, Bahamut will repeatedly use an unresistable attack and your goal is to defeat him before you perish. Considering that Diablos' magic can't reduce your characters' HP to zero (Demi takes 25%, Gravija takes 75%), blinding him effectively disables his only way of killing anyone in your party. However the piece of debris is missing, and there is nothing I can do in the Research Center now. If you did not get the item immediately after your battle with Yunalesca, you have no choice but fight Dark Bahamut without the powered Caladbolg. Well, of course Bahamut, the iconic Dragon King, was going to be high on this list. A couple of superbosses we’re about to meet definitely beat him out, but for now, he’s more than enough to be getting on with. To beat: cast Blind on him, use shell and protect on your party, when he uses mega flare, quickly have part draw curaga from the … This is a playthrough/walkthrough of obtaining bahamut in final fantasy 8. re: Can't beat Bahamut! However, the Bahamut summon is a worthy prize. You can win bahamut in disk 4. it is possible. Bahamut resists all Elements, too, so it's tough to kill him quickly. its strange how on boss battles i get lucky. Bahamut has a powerful attack and also has some very powerful abilities that can be learned including Abilityx4 (which allows a character to junction 4 abilities rather than the standard 2) and Forbid Mag-RF which allows for refining some of the most powerful Magic in the game. Either way, a 3:1 rate of stat boosting via Card Mod is hard to beat via any other method. I've fought him 14 times with different strategies and won't work.I need some good help Badly so can I please have some hints on how to defeat Ultima weapon.

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