Non-variegated Tradescantia plants have solid green leaves. In summer, clusters of small, bright purple-pink flowers are on display for about a month. Tradescantia pallida 'Purpurea' (syn. Tradescantia Pallida Care Tips. Source: Starr. Setcreasea purpurea, Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Heart') has succulent-looking, lance-shaped purple leaves and forms a groundcover about 15cm tall. Tradescantia Quicksilver: Green and white striped leaves, fuzzy to the touch. Purple heart plants make great indoor plants however in several areas of the United States they are also used as … Tradescantia pallida Purpurea in … Tradescantia pallida ”Purpurea” also known as Purple Queen, Purple Heart, Setcresea Purpurea, Purple Spiderwort, or Wandering Jew “Purpurea” is a popular evergreen perennial. Hunt of the Royal Botanic Garden Kew in 1975.The former name S. pallida or S. purpurea is still … There is a single rooted stem in each pot and its actively growing. Namely, the light brings out the purple pigment and if you keep the plant in the shade for a longer period of time, the purple will fade. Leaves color best in bright sun light when root zone is slightly dry. Tricolor with lilac pink and white stripes on the foliage; Aurea with green stripes on yellow foliage; Aureovittata with longitudinal golden stripes on the foliage. The genus itself contains more than 70 different types of herbaceous plants in the Commelinaceae family. Bears small pink flowers in the summer. The wandering jew family is an interesting and popular group of plants. Tradescantia pallida 'Purple Heart' is a tender perennial commonly used as a houseplant or an annual. As we mentioned before, the capacity of this plant to adapt to all types of climates, environments and terrains is totally spectacular. 25 to 100 degrees, 12 to 15 inches tall, allow getting fairly dry between watering. Tradescantia sillamontana (White Velvet) is an evergreen, erect perennial noted for its oval, stem-clasping, olive to gray-green leaves densely covered with silver-white, woolly hairs. Tradescantia multicolored. Tradescantia pallida 'Variegata' Variegated Purple Heart Wandering Jew. Tradescantia pallida Pink Stripe (Pink Stripe Spiderwort) - This variation of Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Tradescantia, Purple Heart, Purple Queen, Wandering Jew (Tradescantia pallida) 'Pink Stripe' supplied by member gardeners in … A variation of the popular trailing Purple Heart indoor plant its leaves are marked with shocking bright pink variegation on a dark purple field . Tradescantia pallida 'Pink Stripe' (Pink Stripe Spiderwort) - This variation of the popular trailing house plant is shocking it is so bright. tradescantia fluminensis lilac care. TRADESCANTIA-PALLIDA-PINK-STRIPE-HARD-TO-FIND-Gift-Plant. Tradescantia pallida variegata PINK STRIPE Purple Heart Spiderwort Striking Rare Succulent WE HAVE HEAT PACKS! Tradescantia as an Indoor Plant. Tradescantia Pallida: Plain purple sometimes with green undersides of the leaves. You can’t go wrong. These are some of the best plants for beginners to grow. It is distinguished by elongated, pointed leaves - themselves glaucous green, fringed with red or purple - and bearing small, sterile three-petaled flowers of white, pink or purple. Provide the plant with either a soilless mix or loam-based potting compost and keep it in bright filtered light. Plants Foliage Plants Large Flower Pots Houseplants Unusual Plants Ornamental Plants Fragrant Plant Purple Heart Plant Leafy Plants. Tradescantia Pallida Pink Stripe - Setcreasea Pallida - Spiderworts The plant will ship ship in a 2.5x3.5 inch pot with soil and ready to be planted. Another popular wandering jew variety is Tradescantia pallida – with deep purple leaves and goes by several common names like purple wandering jew, purple queen, and purple heart. From mid-summer to autumn, and sporadically at other times, bright pink or pale purple flowers bloom with golden yellow stamens at the ends of the stems. Tradescantia vesicular is characterized by a fleshy and erect, sturdy stalk up to 30-40 cm high with branches. Leaf color varies with the amount of sun and water with best color in brightest light. tradescantia pallida variegata. Tradescantia fluminensis Roots will form in 3-4 weeks. All the variations are lovely and very fast growing. Tradescantia pallida is a tender evergreen perennial native to northeast Mexico (from Tamaulipas to Yucatan) grown as an ornamental for its striking purple foliage. temp. In full sun, purple heart develops its bright color. Tradescantia pallida 'variegata' is a member of the spiderwort family with lance shaped purple to dark green leaves and stiped with pink variegation. Beautiful groundcover and stunning in hanging baskets. Tradescantia Zebrina: Silver and purple leaves. Bright sun will bring out the vibrant purple hues of this plant. ... Plant Care Tasks; Tradescantia pallida 'Variegata' purple-heart-plant Scientific Classification of the Purple Heart Plant. In my experience, this is one of the most gratifying houseplants, that also doubles as a WONDERFUL plant for your summer garden. TRADESCANTIA PALLIDA 'PINK STRIPE'. Saved by Rita Rummi. Variegated purple heart has striking pink stripes on the purple leaves. Another common variegation has green leaves with purple stripes, the so-called Tradescantia Zebrina, and then there is the pink variegated version.