Fun Facts For Kids # 1. Although there is no clear explanation, it is thought that this smell is imparted to the universe due to the byproducts of dying stars scattered all over the universe. Our Universe Facts About our Universe, Galaxies, Milky Way and Stars; Big Bang: About 14 billion years ago, our universe was created by the so-called Big Bang. There are so many amazing and unbelievable things that exist in our universe that absolutely dwarf our planet and make us realize just how small we are compared to the absolute vastness of space. Who says you are lazy? 15 Amazing Facts About The Universe. in Bizarre, Lists, Others, Random. 7. Source:, Unlike the burnt smell of universe, our Milky Way Galaxy has a much pleasant smell. 14 Facts That'll Make You Feel Simultaneously Scared And Amazed At Space. NEXT GALLERY '90s Nostalgia RELATED MEDIA. Located about 190 light years away from the center of Milky Way galaxy; the Sagittarius B is a giant cloud of gas and dust. 3. Interesting Facts about the Universe. 5. Source:, Just like us, our galaxy also has its own pub situated in Sagittarius B. Our universe is an amazing place full of amazing facts. Source:, Video: YouTube, Source:, image:, Source:, Image:, Source: Wikipedia, Image:, Source:, Image:, 17 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking, 31 Interesting Facts About Greta Thunberg. So, when you look through the universe, you have covered about 20,000 kilometers of the universe in a minute while sitting/standing/sleeping on earth. We too are moving even when we are standing still or sleeping or sitting in one place. 6. Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding and that at one point in time (14 billion years ago) the universe was all collected in just one point of space. Only happy people are allowed in space. 14 Most Amazing Facts About The Universe It's only when we look up at the sky that we realise exactly how tiny a speck we are in the grand magnum opus that space is. 25 Mind-Boggling Facts About The Universe That Will Make You Wonder If we Are Really Alone Here. By the time the universe was a billionth of a second old, the universe had cooled down enough for the four fundamental forces to separate from … The length of your DNA extends to Pluto, and back...6 times. When we look at the sky, the images of the stars in the sky are their past. 2. 35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe. Source:, Video: YouTube, Mr. Unknown’s real name is “Dark Matter.” All the planets, stars, and galaxies that can be seen today constitute just 4% of the Universe. The universe (Latin: universus) is all of space and time and their contents, including planets, stars, galaxies, and all other forms of matter and energy.While the spatial size of the entire universe is unknown, it is possible to measure the size of the observable universe, which is currently estimated to be 93 billion light-years in diameter. From 14 billion years ago, it was filled with stellar explosions and immortal materials were created. Since then, the Universe has been expanding outward at very high speed. Let’s learn about the interesting things of the universe when compared to the correlation on Earth.. 1. To date, footprints remain on the surface of the Moon and it has remained intact for millions of years because the satellite has no atmosphere, so there is no wind and water to erase the tracks. 2. Here are some interesting facts about the Universe: 1. 4. + NASA Home > Facts > Exploring the Universe: ... We now know this happens every 14 years or so, but poor Galileo questioned his sanity when they "disappeared" and then "reappeared" a few years later. 14. Although the speed of light is the fastest at approximately 300,000 km / s, the distance from the stars to the earth is too far, so it also takes a long time to reach your eyes. 1. 6. Well, you may not be showing displacement on the surface of the Earth, but the Earth is continuously moving. Source: Wikipedia, Image:, Earlier it was thought that Milky Way has just two arms. That's a massive amount of money… This most interesting phenomenon happening on this cobalt blue planet is the sideways glass rain. Do you think they have a favourite? Scientists can make possible most of the complex reactions in chemistry. Every day new and unique celestial objects and phenomena in the universe are being discovered. And then, again over millions of years will split apart and move away from each other. But actually, our galaxy has 5 spiral arms. 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Even though the universe is always expanding, our galaxy and our closest galaxy are actually on a collision course, where they will eventually form one larger galaxy. Source:, Image:, Since we know how the universe and our Milky Way smells like; we came a bit closer to home and discovered that our moon smells too. Here are a … Our universe was formed around 13.8 million years ago during an event called the Big-Bang.